We can see that from a simple wooden frame, today bicycle has changed its appearance, look and feel. Now-a-days, it is mostly preferred by almost everyone. Looking towards 20th century, we can definitely say that the future for bicycles is very bright. New inventions, improvements in bicycle technology during 1990s have led to growth in human-powered vehicles (HPVs) design. With a view to meet the latest market trends, Hamilton cycles provide a wide range of modern cycles around the globe. They possess a huge international market.

With the advancing technology, automated designing programs make examination of designs easy and simpler as compared to the ordinary design checking process. As a result, proper designs as per the need can be created easily and quickly. Also, thinking about the hike in fuel prices, it can be predicted that that day is not very far when most of the people would prefer bicycle rather than the vehicles that run on fuel. The strange but true fact is that a reputed bicycle firm manufactures 18,500 bicycles per day. With this fact, we can imagine how golden the future of bicycles will be.