• Are you a Manufacturer? Do I get a full factory warranty?

    Ans: Yes we are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturers of Bicycles.

  • Do I get a full factory warranty?

    Ans: Yes we take the warranty of 1 year against any manufacturing defect.

  • How I come to know which size suits me?

    Ans: Check your inside leg length measurement against the below chart to see which frame size is right for you.

    Age Range Wheel Size
    4-7 Years 16Inch
    8-12 Years 20 Inch
    Your Inside Leg (“A” on Diagram) The Frame Size/Wheel Size needed (“B” on Diagram)
    22”-28” 14”/24”
    23”-29” 15”/26”
    28”-33” 19”-26”
    29”-35” 20”/26”
    30”-36” 21”/26”
    31”-37” 22”/28”
    32”-38” 23”/27”
    33”-39” 24”/28”

  • Within how many days the product would reach us ?

    Ans: Since we have more than 50 models in our product range, please check the availability of stock in the factory outlet or dealer shop

  • I was searching online for a catalogue of your company, can I get One?

    Ans: Please check our website’s History page from there you will find catalogue of Hmailton Bicycle. Our Website is www.hamiltoncycles.in or from any of our dealer you may ask him directly.

  • how many Colors are available in your bicycle?

    Ans: We have different models in various color combination, please refer our catalogue or ask your nearest dealer for same.

  • From where I can buy your product?

    Ans: We have our own factory showroom at
    1. Kalbadevi
    2. Charni Road
    3. Panvel
    Apart from these we have dealer network in all major cities. From where you can purchase Hamilton’s product.

  • What is the total price we have to pay for your product?

    Ans:We have cycles suitable for all age group with different patterns.Prices are charged as per the model variation which start from RS.2500 to Rs.8500.