About Us

Bicycles are the foundational products of Metro Exporters. We began our operations in 1964 through production of bicycles. Needless to say, nearly five decades later, we have gained unmatched experience and expertise in the design, development and production of bicycles.

Today, we have the capability to deliver bicycles with innovative designs and built to world-class standards. The fact that our primary market for bicycle products are overseas customers, speaks volumes about our product quality. We source and market bicycles and bicycle components under the brand names of Hamilton & Unity respectively.

Hamilton Industries (an ISO-9002 certified sister company) undertakes the manufacture of our bicycle products. Similarly, bicycle parts are manufactured at two other group companies Mira Cycles and Venus Engineering Works & Foundry. This network is further augmented by over 100 small and medium manufacturing units that manufacture units as per our high standards. This strong base allows us to cater to the ever-growing needs of our customers around the world.

From design and production to quality control, packaging and on through to shipping, we have earned a privileged reputation for reliability and excellence in bicycles.

From bicycles for children and roadster bicycles to sports and mountain bicycles, our comprehensive portfolio of bicycles is designed to meet every biking need of our customers around the globe.

Our experience in sourcing bicycles has endowed us with the capability to develop a complete range of bicycle components and Accessories.aspx.

Few cycle models which we have

Roadster Model (PH)

Roadster Model (RL)

MTB Mountain Bike



Formu One


SLR (Sports Light Roadster)

Hamilton (26"Gents)

SLR JET Deluxe (26" Gents)

Hi-End Bicycles

Hi-End Bicycles

Hi Klass

Hi Karrbon

Children's Bicycle


Jag Freestyle